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China gets its first Windows Phone, the HTC Eternity

The first Windows Phone for China hits stores today, in the form of the HTC Eternity.

The HTC Eternity, China's first Windows Phone phone
Windows Team

Packed with a number of popular Chinese apps, the HTC Eternity goes on sale in China today, making it the first Windows Phone to be sold in the country.

According to the Windows Team Blog, the HTC Eternity has a 4.7-inch screen and two cameras (one in the front, the other in the rear).

The Mango device is also being sold as an unlocked or "open market" handset, meaning that customers can buy the phone and then choose a carrier to activate it.

In Beijing, Microsoft China held a press event to show the Eternity's Chinese-language interface. The Windows Phone OS supports both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Michael Stroh, a spokesperson for the Windows Phone Blog, wrote that the company's engineering and design teams "sweated the details," and that they worked "hard to create a version of the software that both showcases the inherent beauty of Chinese characters and excites Chinese customers."

Based on photos and specs, the HTC Eternity looks a lot like United States' HTC Titan. Until we get confirmation from an HTC rep, however, what do you guys think in the meantime?