Charging the Palm Pre

My battery is drained, how do I remedy this?

Matthew Carruth

The bottom of the Palm Centro
The bottom of the Palm Centro Matthew Carruth\CNET
One of the first things that I attempted to do with my phone, knowing that they rarely come with a full battery, was fully charge it. That is also where I ran into my first difficulty. See, unlike my Centro, and all other phones before that I had owned, the recharging port was clearly covered in the Pre.

Consulting the accordion-style instructions

The instruction pamphlet for the Palm Pre
The instruction pamphlet for the Palm Pre Matthew Carruth\CNET
seemed to indicate that this
The charging cover on the Pre
The charging cover on the Pre Matthew Carruth\CNET
was said cover. The problem I had with this is that when you first get the Pre out of the box, this cover is pretty tightly embedded into its nook. I had visions of breaking the phone thirty minutes into opening the box and I was wary of how hard I should be attempting to jar the cover open.

Wanting to be sure, I went online to the Palm Pre website to see if I could find a more expansive manual. Finding a full one was helpful in confirming that indeed yes, I should go ahead with getting this cover off.

Eventually, with enough frustration, I did apply enough pressure to get the cover open. After that first time, it is easier to pop it open but still, there could not have been slightly more descriptive directions printed on the material coming with the phone?