Charge a Note 9 and Galaxy Watch at the same time with the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

With more and more devices supporting wireless charging, Samsung now has a dual-device charger for phones, watches and such.

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With wireless charging becoming the new norm, having a handy spot to juice up your phone and other wireless-charging-compatible devices is important. So far, iPhone owners have been waiting (and waiting) for Apple's AirPower multidevice charging pad, and Logitech just announced a new iPhone-specific charging dock

Now Samsung is pairing its just-announced Galaxy Note 9 phone and Galaxy Watch smartwatch with the new (although previously leaked) Wireless Charger Duo.


The Wireless Charger Duo, in black and white. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

This two-in-one charger has a round kickstand-style spot for a device you'd want to keep upright, like a phone, next to a secondary flat pad that can accommodate a smartwatch or second phone, or any combo of two Qi-compatible devices. While they look different, both of the charging surfaces deliver 15 watts of charging power.

We don't yet have a release date or price for the Wireless Charger Duo, but since leaked units have already been spotted in the wild, it'll probably be on store shelves soon. 

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