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Charge everything in your car through this $35 power inverter

Sometimes you need to charge more than a phone in your car.


One of the most valuable accessories you can have in your car is a power inverter. Whether you're a big fan of camping out of your car, tailgating at your favorite event or you just want the kids to have a little more to do the next time you're waiting for Fourth of July fireworks to start, the ability to power multiple things with all different charging ports is extremely handy. They're also a little on the pricey side, which is why it's a pretty big deal that this EverStart power inverter has dropped from $99 to $34.52 today. 

The EverStart 1,000-watt power inverter offers a pair of standard US three-prong outlets and a USB-A port with 2.1-amp output. Connecting directly to your car's battery, the inverter offers surge-protection and cut-off functions to keep you from either draining your battery or damaging your electronics, while the yellow and black body remains thin enough to be tucked under a seat when not in use. The small display on the front will let you know exactly how much power you're using at any given moment, so you can easily plan what electronics you want to bring on your next road trip and know there's power for everything.