Cell phones from Nokia's glory years

Nokia wasn't always in the pits; there was a time when it ruled the mobile world. Take a trip back with CNET and relive some of the company's most popular and iconic models.

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Nokia: A long and innovative history

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Sorry, Nokia, but even with all the hype out of this week's Nokia World, it's clear you've lost your way. Yes, you continue to introduce new phones, some of which are indeed pretty, but handsets from your rivals in Korea, Taiwan, Chicago, and Cupertino, Calif., have been getting all the glory for a few years. And though you continue to shine in emerging markets, your presence in the United States has been steadily declining to the point where you hardly exist at all.

The Nokia 5110 was everywhere. Nokia

From what we can tell, you're not going to shake the doldrums anytime soon, no matter how many execs you shake from the tree. Sure, new product designers can help, but a return to your roots is in order. Remember there was a time when, without question, you ruled the mobile world. From about 1998 to 2006, you pumped out one successful handset after another and reached new heights in cell phone design. Those handsets, like the ubiquitous and hugely popular 5110, were models that everyone had, usually as their first cell phone. And for the most part, they kept on ticking for years.

To remind you from where you've come, I've assembled a photo gallery of some of your biggest hits from your glory years. I also had to throw in a few quirky handsets that only Nokia could have designed. Not every phone in this gallery was successful by itself, but in each handset you showed the world what Nokia could do. I'd love to see you be that awesome again.

Of course, this is just a selection, so be sure to comment about any Nokia hits that I may have missed. And if you need a reminder of the company's past, check out this very excellent list from NewLaunches.com.