Capital One fixes systemwide outage

The outage happening on a Friday -- and the first of the month -- makes for some bad timing.

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Capital One

It hasn't been TGIF for Capital One.

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Capital One customers had to wait several hours before they could access their money on Friday. The bank had a massive outage that prevented people from withdrawing or depositing funds. 

A tweet from the bank's customer service Twitter account Friday afternoon said the issue affecting its customers in the morning had been resolved. However, some tweeted in response, saying they still couldn't access their direct deposits, or transfer funds

Friday morning, the Capital One customer service account confirmed the outage after a customer tweeted about being unable to access an account. One apparent customer tweeted that she'd contacted the bank by phone and was told by a representative that it was a systemwide problem. 

A company spokesperson said in an email Friday that customers won't be responsible for any late fees associated with this issue.

Customers swiftly replied to the initial tweet about the outage. Some said their direct deposits scheduled for today weren't added to their accounts. Another apparent customer said she was currently unable to use her debit card. Others said they couldn't access their info via the bank's app or even at an ATM.  

Back in July, Capital One was the victim of a breach resulting in the theft of data from more than 100 million US citizens.

Originally published Nov. 1, 7:41 a.m. PT. 
Updates, 8:28 a.m.: Includes company statement; 1:01 p.m.: Adds update on issue being resolved.