Call on me, call on 3

<a href=http://www.three.com.au target=new>3 mobile</a> today announced <a href=http://www.ministryofsound.com/music/singles/EricPrydz-CallOnMe?MOSLink=HomeEricPrydz>'Call on Me' by Eric Prydz</a> has been downloaded over 35,000 times with mobile phones -- the equivalent amount of sales that would generally merit a Gold record.

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Jeremy Roche
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Call on Me - Eric Prydz, Motorola E100, 3

According to Tim McGee, managing director of dance label Ministry of Sound, reaching 35,000 downloads sets a high benchmark for the development of mobile music and is indicative of things to come on the 3G platform.

"3 have opened the doors for music labels to offer a new channel for music within Australia," McGee stated.

Ministry of Sound will present 3 mobile with "the mobile equivalent of a gold record" at an event in Sydney next week, with performances by local DJs Ajax and Mark Dynamix.

"Mobile access to music is a reality. The award from Ministry of Sound represents an innovation in music distribution and consumption, and 3 is proud to set the precedent for mobile music in Australia," said Scott Taylor, 3's general manager of content and services.

3's music content partners currently include Ministry of Sound, Sony BMG, Warner Music, Festival Mushroom Records, Central Station, Liberation Music, Big Records, Shock Records, Triple M and Rage.

Pricing for downloads via 3 handsets, such as the Motorola E1000 (pictured right) and Sony Ericsson's Z1010, is currently $3 per full-length song or video clip.

Last year, 3 mobile customers downloaded over one million full length music videos, full length audio tracks and real tones, according to the company.

The dance track from Ministry of Sound went Platinum (70,000 units sold) in 2004 through the traditional form of single sales, according to the Australian Record Industry Association's Web site.