Cable modem market buzzing

roundup Four heavyweight corporations, ranging from semiconductor giant Rockwell to media behemoth Time Warner, jumped into the cable modem market today.

roundup Rockwell Semiconductor became the last of four diverse heavyweights to impact the cable modem market today, saying it will deliver its first chipsets for the high-speed Internet connection technology by the first quarter of 1998. The announcement is important because Rockwell chips already drive the dial-up modem market (much like Intel processors drive PC technology). Earlier, Time Warner and Cox Communications announced expansions of their plans to provide high-speed Net access via their cable systems, while Samsung said it will display a prototype of a cable modem aimed at consumers at an upcoming trade show. Samsung's offerings will eventually be pitched to a range of audiences, from home consumers to corporations.

Rockwell to make cable modem chipsets
Cable modem technology got a shot in the arm today as modem powerhouse Rockwell announced plans to manufacture chips for cable modems.

Time Warner, Cox expand cable modem access
Time Warner's Road Runner announces a redesigned service with added content and Cox adds two Northern California counties to its roster.

Samsung enters cable modems
Samsung will demonstrate its first consumer model at an upcoming trade show.