Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: YouTube Nukes 30,000 videos

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: YouTube Nukes 30,000 videos

Veronica Belmont
3 min read
If you can't see us, that's because we have a cloak of invisibility. You also can't see us because YouTube nuked 30,000 videos. Just kidding. You can never see us. Not here. But you can see us on CNET TV. Of course, you might not be able to see Molly anyway, as she has been heartily celebrating National Brandied Fruit Day. I haven't seen much of the fruit, though. -Veronica
National Brandied Fruit Day

About the advertising in AllofMP3. There was none when I tried it. At this time the player is just clean and clear. The only thing that comes up, is album art. It just plays music.

Andrew from Ottawa
On the Canadian MP booted for blogging. He wasn't just critical but also revealed what was being discussed in the caucus. That's supposed to be secret. Just wanted to set the record straight on that.

Matt from Indianapolis
Matt the software developer. I was wondering if Matt the patent lawyer would want to get together. We could take over the Indy tech world.

Greg K.
I thought I'd respond to Greg's call. A company did that for their home entertainment system. They licensed it and then got sued.

Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts collaborate with MPAA to teach young people to respect copyrights
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) today announced a new education program in conjunction with the Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts of America, to help raise awareness about the value of copyrights among the more than 52,000 young people involved in Boy Scout programs in the greater Los Angeles area. The curriculum is part of an ongoing effort to educate kids about copyright protection and change attitudes toward intellectual property theft.

Ludlum, Brown, who can tell the difference--Dan from Michigan
Just wanted Molly to know that although Dan Brown may have written a novel about a DNA-based supercomputer, your first statement about the Robert Ludlum novel was correct! The Paris Option: A Covert One Novel deals with this very thing.

Apple and Windows--Eric the cell phone guy
Hey, guys. I know I'm 1 of 1,000 e-mails you're going to get about this, but I just want to make sure the point is made. Apple did call out Windows, and people are right that it was immature. However, if they, or more importantly, you folks, had gone on to read Apple's message, you would have seen them say, "We're madder at ourselves" in the very next breath. No one seems to have mentioned that, and as an Apple fan boy, I guess it's up to me to defend them.