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Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Vote for paper

Buzz Out Loud Show Notes: Vote for paper

The U.S. elections are only a few days away, and it's becoming clear that in many corners of the country, electronic voting could prove to be a disaster. Veronica's out sick, but we found the moon tapes! I'd rather have V. and the moon tapes.



Lost moon tapes found (thanks, Tyler!)

Jeff from Detroit
I preordered two Shuffles, and I just received one of them. This thing is gorgeous. I'm a fan boy, but hey, who isn't? Molly.

Mark from Michigan
About Blockbuster Total Access. Got home last night and had a couple new movies from them and a message about Total Access. It will cause a little bit more of a delay. Expect an extra two business days for the next movie. If you go to the store and pick up a movie from your queue, it won't be removed from your queue.

Casey from Pensacola
You also get a free in-store rental. Kinda like two for one. And its ad critic.

New iTunes solves Mike's problems--Mike
The problems I was having with previous versions of iTunes 7 were related to the way it worked with my Shuffle. Mostly it was just giving me all kinds of stupid pop-ups, saying it couldn't find the device. These are now gone. It seems generally to behave much more nicely. I have no idea whether the problems people were having with certain podcasts were fixed, since I experienced no such issues, but I would venture that 7.0.2 is in a state where the tentative should now be able to take the plunge.

Ha, ha--Jeremy from Atlanta
I read this blog post yesterday and thought you would be amused. The title is "The Difference Between IE 7 and a Virus." If IE 7 is indeed pushed out forcefully as the writer fears, that does make IE 7 viruslike. Love the show.