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Buy one tablet headrest mount, get a second one free

One for each car! Or two for the same car. You get the idea. Plus: Two Windows 8.1 tablets priced under $100!


This is an update of a post from last year -- exactly one year ago to the day, in fact. But this time the mount is universal, able to work with any tablet -- not just iPads.

Tablets are great for car travel, especially those lucky buggers in the back seat who get to kick back and watch movies the whole trip while Dad fights traffic and has to listen to whatever's on the radio. (What, me bitter?)

Of course, maybe they're not so lucky if they have to hold the tablet in their lap the whole way, craning their necks, tiring their arms, and never being able to keep the screen steady for more than a few seconds at a time. The horror!

Easy fix: mount the tablet on the back of the front-seat headrest. And you know the only thing better than one headrest mount? You got it: two of 'em.

For a limited time and while supplies last, you can get a free TFY universal car headrest mount when you buy one for $24.99, shipped. Just add two to your shopping cart, then apply coupon code MTCHPSKT at checkout. (Shipping is free for Prime customers, but because your precoupon total is above $35, non-Prime customers should be able to bag it as well.)

Update: The mount sold out a little earlier than expected owing to an inventory glitch, according to the seller -- who has agreed to offer this BOGO deal again when more supplies arrive. I'll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, starting at 1 p.m. PT, you can still get a BOGO on TFY's device-specific headrest mounts when you apply coupon code GOCHPSKT at checkout. (This should work on all the available models EXCEPT the one for iPad Air.)

Granted, not everyone has two tablets that need mounting in the same car, but you might have one tablet that switches between two cars. And what about buying one mount for yourself and another for someone else? It is gift-giving season, after all.

The mount promises universal compatibility -- even if your tablet is in a case (yay!), and its straps can adjust to almost any car's headrest.

If you peruse the 50-odd Amazon customer reviews, you'll see that the mount has earned widespread praise and an average of 4.8 stars out of 5. Truly, this is the king of tablet headrest mounts. And you get two for the price of one! Thoughts?

Bonus deal: As we discovered yesterday, buying a Windows laptop doesn't necessarily mean paying a premium (compared with, say, a Chromebook). And now the same is true for tablets: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Microsoft Store has the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition tablet for $99, shipped, and the Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS Signature Edition tablet for $99, shipped. Both come with one year of Office 365 Personal, but the HP has twice the storage (32GB, versus 16GB on the Toshiba), so at face value I'd say the former is the better buy. Either way, amazing prices on Windows tablets!