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Burner brings 'disposable' phone numbers to Android

Burner can cloak your Android phone with a temporary phone number that expires in a set amount of time.

Ad Hoc Labs

After enjoying much success on iOS, Burner, the app that provides "disposable" phone numbers, has finally made its way to Android.

Have you ever wished you could have a temporary phone number for things like Craigslist purchases, job searches, or other short-term projects? Well, Burner provides just that. Think of it as an app that can disguise your phone. It gives you a temporary phone number from which you can place calls and send messages or receive calls and messages. Its phone numbers work exactly like the one provided by your carrier, but they stop working after a specific amount of time.

The Burner app is free to download and comes with one free Burner number in an area code of your choice. To give you an idea of how it works, the free sample lasts for one day, 5 minutes of voice calls, or 15 text messages (whichever expires first). Once you use the number and let it expire, you'll have to purchase Burner credits to create any more numbers.

The great thing about Burner is that it offers a menu of options with different life spans. You can even purchase extensions if you decide you want a phone number to "live" longer. If you need multiple numbers at once, Burner can handle it. In fact, the app even lets you attribute different ringtones and notifications to them.

Burner is available now for free download on Google Play.