Bubbles forming under iPhone screen glass

Bubbles forming under iPhone screen glass

Ben Wilson

Several users are reporting an issue where tiny bubble-like distortions appear underneath the iPhone screen's glass layer. Some reports from a pertinent thread on Apple's Discussion boards:

  • "I have 5 bubbles thus far and more as showing up as the days go on"
  • "I just found one one my phone, its in the upper right hand corner under the battery icon. "
  • "I have the same issue and I'm going to be taking my phone in tomorrow (Saturday, January 19, 2008) to see if I can get it fixed."

Most users experiencing this issue are experiencing success in getting their iPhones promptly replaced by Apple.

iPhone Atlas reader Jeff Harris writes:

"I did take my phone into an Apple store and got it replaced in January. It was the second time the bubbles formed on an iPhone of mine. The first time was in July. I was able to have my old phone shipped back to Apple and I was shipped a new phone a few days later back in July. 

"During the latest return, the geniuses at the Genius Bar said they had never seen the bubbles and one hypothesized that the bubbles were formed from it being subjected to heat. I received a new phone on site within a few minutes"

[Photo courtesy of Jeff Harris]

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