Broken Galaxy screen? Sprint will fix it for $49

And you don't even have to be on Sprint.

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Eli Blumenthal

Sprint's latest promotion will fix broken Galaxy phone screens, like the S9 shown above, for $50. 

James Martin/CNET

Broke the screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone? Sprint may just be the quickest and easiest way to fix reliably fix it. The wireless carrier will fix busted Galaxy screens for just $49. Eligible devices include the Galaxy S7, S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus and Note 8. 

Recent Galaxy phones , including the S10 line, Note 10 line and the Galaxy Fold , do not appear to be eligible. 

The promotion works regardless of if you subscribe to Sprint as your wireless provider, with the carrier making that clear on its promo page. Simply bring the phone into a Sprint repair store and you should be good to go. In the event that your phone is too broken to fix Sprint says it will offer up to $150 off a new device, though in this scenario you likely would have to switch to the carrier. 

The promotion runs until Feb. 9 and your phone will need to be in "working condition" with Sprint's fine print noting that not all screens will be repairable. 

The new offer comes as Sprint continues to sit in limbo awaiting a US District Judge's ruling on whether its merger with T-Mobile will be allowed to go through. Announced nearly two years ago, the $26.5 billion deal was approved by the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission. But it's been opposed by a number of state attorneys general who sued to block the deal, claiming it is anti-competitive.