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Boost Mobile grabs the Samsung Seek

Samsung and Boost Mobile announce the latest texting phone for the Boost Mobile lineup.

Samsung Seek
The Samsung Seek is a combination slider-plus-touchscreen phone.

Boost Mobile is getting something it's never had before. On Wednesday, Samsung and Boost Mobile announced the upcoming Samsung Seek, which will be Boost Mobile's first combination touch-screen and slide-out QWERTY keypad phone.

This appears to be identical to the Samsung Seek for Sprint, with a 2.6-inch QVGA touch screen (240x320 pixel resolution), a 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, and speakerphone.

It will also include Web access, mobile e-mail instant messaging, and social networking tools in addition to text and multimedia messaging services. There's GPS support and up to 32GB expandable microSD memory. Extras will include an onboard music player (the microSD card is a must) and storefronts to download ringtones, games, and additional wallpaper.

The Samsung Seek will be generally available on August 25 for $149 (free shipping) from Boost Mobile's Web site, though you can also find it now through some exclusive stores. In addition, the Seek will crop up in Best Buy and RadioShack by the end of August, and is expected to surface in Sprint stores in September and Target stores in October.

Since Boost Mobile is a brand of prepaid phones riding on top of the Sprint network, you can get the Samsung Seek for a $50-per-month Unlimited Plan without an annual contract.