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Bluetooth your phone to your TV

The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200 lets you beam pictures directly from your mobile to your TV, and also allows you to listen to your phone tunes on your hi-fi

If you're anything like us here at Crave you'll have a stack of photos, videos and MP3s crammed into your mobile phone, as yesterday's communication device morphs into yet another digital storage area full of bits of your life you just don't want to lose. The horrible truth is that our phones are turning into portable media hubs -- which explains this new gizmo from Sony Ericsson, the Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200.

You can use the MMV-200 to send pictures, videos and even music to your television or hi-fi via Bluetooth. This means you can impress friends at house parties with photos from your mobile phone or handheld organiser. Or, if you're in the mood for some music, you can hook it up to your hi-fi and play tunes directly from your mobile MP3 library.

Another interesting feature of the MMV-200, which might well make some people shout "Witchcraft!" and reach for the pitchforks, is the ability to insert your mobile phone memory card and use the mobile phone as a remote control to navigate.

Once inserted, you can magically control the Bluetooth Media Center and flick through all the data stored on the memory card. It's disappointing that you can't use your mobile as a remote control and view your photos without taking the memory card out of your phone, though. The MMV-200 will accept MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and a Memory Stick Duo with an adaptor.

Aside from the potential of embarrassing your mates by revealing their drunken antics on a widescreen television, this little box is great if you've taken some good photos using your phone, but want the chance to admire them on a slightly more flattering screen.

The other nice feature is the ability to play videos from your phone. This is fun, as long as you have a massive memory card that can hold more than a few seconds of your mates falling over. It's a fun bag of tricks, but for £85 this little box of wonders is for phone geeks only, as it's tricky to set up. Avoid at all costs if you think Bluetooth is a dental condition. –AL