Blackjack, Mahjong planned for iPhone AppStore

Blackjack, Mahjong planned for iPhone AppStore

Ben Wilson

Though developers of iPhone applications to be sold through the official AppStore, due next month, are bound by an NDA and hence generally mum on release plans, Mobileage says it will be offering two games for the iPhone and iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store later this year.

Blackjack21 is described as the definitive version of the world's most popular casino card game. From the developer: "Blackjack 21 offers super seamless gameplay as it responds to the same gestures used in a live game. You can further customize the game by directly downloading awesome card and table art for free."

TouchTile Mahjong is described as the classic tile matching game for iPhone and iPod Touch. From the developer: "Finally you can transform those brief moments of downtime into extended moments of downtime. Choose from hundreds of layouts and stacks of alternative tile and background art."

Currently the company is unable to provide demos of their products, but expects something tangible to be made available soon. No pricing information is available, but MobileAge is offering a notification list.

If you or someone you know is creating games for the iPhone or iPod Touch please drop us a note at info@iphoneatlas.com.