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BlackBerry Torch 9800: Vodafone prices leaked

Those who fancy grabbing a BlackBerry Torch 9800 can now take a peek at the possible cost of getting the flagship smart phone on a Vodafone contract.

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Those who fancy grabbing a BlackBerry Torch 9800 can now take a peek at the possible cost of getting the flagship smart phone on a Vodafone contract.

BlackBerry Leaks posted a table that shows the various Vodafone tariffs. It seems you can get a Torch for as little as £20 a month with 100 minutes and 500 texts, but you'd have to sign up to a 2-year contract and pay a staggering £400 up front. The monthly price increases to £25 if you only get an 18-month contract.

Those prices are for tariffs with 500MB of Internet data included. In the unlikely event that you go for a voice plan without the ability to use 3G, these pay-monthly prices would be £5 lower. The tariffs go up to more than £45 a month depending on how many minutes and texts you use.

These leaked prices seem quite steep. For £35 a month, you'll be tied to an 18-month contract, but you'll still have to pay £200 up front. If you want an iPhone 4 on a £35-per-month, 18-month contract, you'd pay £170 up front. We can see one contract as part of which the Torch is offered for free, but you'd have to sign up to a hefty £40-per-month deal for 2 years.

Considering the device is being offered unlocked for around £500, these tariff prices seem expensive. They are by no means final, though. 

The Torch has no official release date, but we're guessing we'll see it in October. What do you think about these tariffs? Let us know in the usual place.