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BlackBerry presses on into a new era with keyboard teaser

One of the first BlackBerry phones that isn't made by BlackBerry has been teased ahead of CES.

BlackBerry may have stopped making phones, but the BlackBerry name is pressing on. In fact, a new era of outsourced BlackBerry devices may start with a phone named the "Press".

At least, that's an educated guess based on a teaser that suggests a new BlackBerry device will be "imPRESSively designed" -- because it sports one of those legendary clicky keyboards.

BlackBerry (the company) has now stopped making phones with the BlackBerry label on them, having licensed the brand to other hardware manufacturers after its final hurrah the DTEK60. Today's teaser comes from the North American president and general manager of Chinese manufacturer TCL, which now makes both BlackBerry and Alcatel-branded devices.

The new device is hot off the press at CES 2017, the annual gadgetpalooza that's already underway in Las Vegas. BlackBerry will hold a press conference on 4 January, and rumours suggest the Mercury phone will be the last to be developed in-house.

Keep it CNET to find out more about all the coolest new stuff coming from CES over the next week, from new phones to wacky robots and everything in between.