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BlackBerry goes with the flow for developers

Alan Brenner, RIM's general manager for the BlackBerry platform, discusses how the brand competes in the crowded smartphone app market in a Q&A with ZDNet UK

As Research In Motion opens up the BlackBerry platform, it is providing new features and integration between third-party apps and core BlackBerry apps.

Alan Brenner, RIM RIM

ZDNet UK spoke to Alan Brenner, a RIM senior vice president and general manager for the platform. Brenner was asked how BlackBerry competes in the crowded smartphone app market, how the handset manufacturer expects to work with developers, and what the key challenges are for the company's mobile platform.

Q: Where do you think the new APIs and the integration into core BlackBerry apps put the BlackBerry as a platform, compared with other smartphones?
Brenner: The important point is that we're different; we have a different approach from what you're seeing elsewhere in the market. This notion of enabling deep integration is distinctive, and it speaks to our traditional strength as BlackBerry.

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