Blackberry 8707v: Speedy Gonzalez's BlackBerry of choice

The BlackBerry rumour mill is turning like it's never turned before: there's a new BlackBerry in town and it's packing 3G

Andrew Lim

Rumours about a new BlackBerry handset are spreading like wildfire around the Web. According to the  Blackberry fanatics at airtime manager, Vodafone and RIM are going to launch the Blackberry 8707v in the UK shortly and it's going to have a built-in 3G modem. BlackBerry freaks are apparently frothing at the mouth at the arrival of a new device -- fair enough, considering what 3G can offer.

The 8707v is identical to the Blackberry 8700g and features the same form factor, speakerphone and dedicated call keys, but with the added 3G boost, surfing the Web and downloading data will be significantly quicker.

This means that aside from having faster access to several email accounts, you'll also be able to browse the Web at speeds of up to 384Kbps. Since it has a Qwerty keypad and a screen with a 240x320-pixel resolution, which is also one of the brightest screens Crave has ever seen, this should be a viable mobile Internet solution.

However, keep in mind that the new Qwerty keypad on the 8700 series has been compressed and flattened, so unless you have tiny fingers, it can be tedious to use. Also, neither Vodafone nor RIM is confirming anything, so don't get too worked up as it may all be the tech equivalent of a yeti sighting. But Crave is nothing if not optimistic -- we'll keep you updated if anything materialises. Watch this space... -AL