Bixby Marketplace for Samsung's voice assistant is open for business

It's useful for those who actually use the voice assistant.

A new Bixby Marketplace is now available on Samsung phones.

Samsung's Bixby voice assistant is able to perform a lot of functions for those who are willing to spend the time customizing it. To make things easier, there's a new platform to download these customizations. 

The Bixby Marketplace is now open, according to a release on Monday from Samsung. Phone owners who have Bixby installed can see the different services, called capsules, available to them that will provide certain functions with different apps via a particular voice command. 

bixby marketplace

A snapshot of the Bixby Marketplace


To access the marketplace, Samsung phone owners will need to access Bixby and swipe left. In the Bixby Marketplace are dozens of capsules with their own command and app tied to it. For example, one capsule will open the Tip Calculator app and find how much to tip on a bill with the command "What's a $25 tip on $100." Another will open your Uber app and check on the car's location by saying "Where's my Uber car." 

Capsules on the Bixby Marketplace are free. They're made by developers and can be reviewed by those who download them. Samsung's release didn't provide any details on whether capsules will be used by the Bixby smart speaker, which has yet to be released.

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