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Big-screened iPhone 6 envisioned in new artist renderings

New renderings from French website Nowhereelse.fr imagine an iPhone 6S and 6C in all their large-screen glory complete with a thinner, rounder design.

Martin Hajek/YouTube

Apple is expected to bump up the display size for its next iPhone. So, what might a large-screened iPhone 6 look like? One website has teamed up with a graphic artist to give us a peek.

Created by graphic designer Martin Hajek and served up by French website Nowhereelse.fr, the new renderings display an iPhone 6S in the familiar gold and space gray colors, while the 6C is pictured in blue. As spotted by MacRumors, the renderings also depict thinner and more rounded bodies for the new phones, a notion based on rumors that Apple will adopt such a design for both the 6S and 6C.

Finally, the images show the power button moving from the top to the upper right side of the phone and the volume control buttons changing from their current circular shapes to a rectangular appearance.

If a big-screened iPhone 6 is nothing but a rumor, where did Hajek get his inspiration? The artist based his design on the current iPhone lineup as well as alleged iPhone 6 drawings posted by Japanese magazine MacFan, according to MacRumors.

These latest renderings are actually the second in a series from Hajek and Nowhereelse.fr. Last week, the two teamed up to display an initial gallery of images of the envisioned iPhone 6.

Other artists have shared their visions of the much-rumored upcoming new iPhones. Italian designer Federico Ciccarese recently created an image of an iPhone 5S alongside two iPhone 6 handsets, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch screen. Rumors have suggested that Apple will unveil new iPhones in both of those sizes.

For now, though, it's interesting to speculate on what we might see if both of those big-screened iPhones do hit the market this year.