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Bidding adieu to the T-Mobile G1

The first Android smartphone to ever hit the market is no more. CNET takes a fond look back at T-Mobile G1.

T-Mobile G1: The Android phone that started it all.
Corinne Schulze/CNET

With all of the awesome Android phones on the market now, it's easy to forget the models that came before them. But today, we take a moment to remember the device that started it all, the T-Mobile G1, as it goes into retirement and finds its place in the tech history books.

After almost a two-year run, the G1 is no longer available for purchase from T-Mobile or other retail outlets, and of course, the decision makes sense. It's old and can't keep up with the newer models, but still, you can't ignore the significance of the device, as it was the world's first Android smartphone.

In our original review of the T-Mobile G1 , we wrote, "Though we're not in love with the design and would have liked some additional features, the real beauty of the T-Mobile G1 is the Google Android platform, as it has the potential to make smartphones more personal and powerful. That said, it's not quite there yet, so for now, the G1 is best suited for early adopters and gadget hounds, rather than consumers and business users."

Well, we think it's pretty fair to say that Android is "there" now, and the G1 most definitely helped pave the way, so for that, we say thank you, T-Mobile G1. We won't forget you.

Got memories of the G1? Share them with us below.

(Source: Android Guys)