Bose, Sony, Apple, Samsung: How to choose the best earbuds

Choosing your perfect set of 'buds doesn't have to be hard

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When you're looking for new earbuds or headphones, you should ask yourself a few essential questions.

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With so many brands -- Bose, Sony, Apple and more -- on the market, choosing the right headphones or earbuds for you can be a little overwhelming. Of course you to want something with great sound that also fits your budget. But your search shouldn't stop there: If you're a gym rat or love running through the great outdoors, then you'll need something that can handle a little sweat, or even the heaviest rain. Plus, they've got to fit comfortably in your ears. Here's the good news: We've assembled all of our current favorites right here. Answer any, or all, of these five questions to choose exactly the right headphones for you.

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How important is water resistance to you?

In their lifetime, your headphones will likely get wet. But just how wet is the question. Will you need waterproof? Water resistant?

Is your budget for wireless excellence more like $50 or more like $100?

No matter your budget, you can find a great pair of 'phones or 'buds. There are quite a few options under $50 and even more under $100. To make things nice and easy, we've selected two that we think will give you the most bang for your buck. 

Do your ears hate 'buds? 

If most earbuds fit into your ears, then you probably haven't had to twist and turn them around, trying to get them to fit. If they don't, you know how much of a challenge buying earbuds can be.

Do your headphones need to multitask?

Do you prefer that your headphones perform well in both a gym and office environment? Or maybe you prefer two separate audio options for work and gym?

Be honest... do you lose things? Often?

Some charging cases are really small and very easy for people to lose. Would a larger charging case help you with that?

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