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Best Buy exclusive: Motorola Xoom Family Edition

A special edition of the Motorola tablet designed exclusively for Best Buy customers features family-friendly applications and services.

Motorola and Best Buy will offer a family-friendly version of the Xoom tablet.

Best Buy and Motorola announced today that the retail chain will sell a special edition of the Honeycomb-powered Xoom tablet.

Making its debut this coming Sunday, October 16, the Motorola Xoom Family Edition will be available exclusively through Best Buy and a limited-time $379.99 price tag. Specifications are nearly identical to the original Xoom, save for the software experience.

Aside from the Android 3.1 Honeycomb backbone, the 16GB Wi-Fi tablet comes preloaded with Kid Zone, an application launcher from Zoodles. Rather than giving your child access to any and all apps on the Xoom, Kid Zone allows only the titles you have white-listed or deem acceptable. This way, little Johnny or Jenny doesn't embarrass you by accidentally hitting Reply All on your work e-mail.

The Xoom Family Edition also features a new MotoPack that acts as a portal to additional applications--think of it as a discovery tool for tested and Motorola-approved apps. The MotoPack is expected to be regularly updated with the occasional promotion and will hand off downloads to the Android Market.

Additionally, the tablet will come preloaded with MotoPrint, an application that allows printing directly from the Web browser, as well as Asphalt 6 and Sim City Deluxe. Ensuring that this version of the Xoom doesn't skew too heavily toward the younger demographic, the tablet also boasts a tablet-friendly copy of Quickoffice Pro HD.