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Best Buy: Evo 4G LTE set to ship May 23

After a customs delay because of an Apple patent dispute, an e-mail to customers who preordered the Sprint handset advises that the smartphone now has a May 23 release date.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
A five-day delay isn't the worst thing in the world. AndroidCentral

Sprint fans rejoice, for it appears the Evo 4G LTE won't be held at the border for all that long

According to an e-mail sent on behalf of Best Buy, the Sprint smartphone now has a release date of May 23, less than a week after its initial target date of May 18. AndroidCentral is reporting that both its forums and e-mail inbox "lit up" with news of the e-mail, and that things seem legitimate at first blush.

Best Buy was one of the first retailers to offer preorders of the HTC Evo 4G LTE, so it stands to reason that it might have an inside scoop on the new launch date. And, factoring in two days for the weekend, a three-day delay doesn't seem all that bad.

Should this new date prove to be accurate, we might look for Sprint or HTC to issue a formal announcement in short order. The quicker they can communicate the details to consumers, the more likely they will be to keep them from switching phones or carriers.

Sprint's new HTC Evo 4G LTE
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