BBM for Android fake app scam fools BlackBerry fans again

Another app claiming to be BlackBerry Messenger for Android has fooled phone fans yet again.

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Richard Trenholm
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Don't get burned by BBM! Another app claiming to be BlackBerry Messenger for Android has fooled phone fans yet again.

Whatever you do, don't download BlackBerry Messenger BBM published by BlackBerry Social -- or any app on Google Play purporting to be BBM for Android.

Fake apps are springing up to take advantage of loyal BBMers champing at the bit for the long-promised but still elusive BBM app for Android and iOS. It's not the first time a fake BBM Android app has taken in impatient BlackBerry defectors looking to to reconnect with old friends on their new iPhone or Android phone. Scam ads target you with ads, spam or worse.

Samsung has revealed that Galaxy phones in Africa would be the first to see BBM become part of the Samsung Messenger Hub. Adverts shown on YouTube in Africa promise we'll see the app "sooner than you think", but there's still no further official word on an actual release date.

It's not yet clear when BBM will come to Android phones here in the UK. Recent figures suggest BBM is still the most popular messaging app in Britain, but as many ditch BlackBerry around the world rivals like WhatsApp are gaining ground.

Even BlackBerry itself is getting a bit previous, prematurely outing the app. The genuine article will be free from Google Play and Samsung's own app store. We'll let you know as soon as it appears.

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