Palm Pre Beats Blackberry Storm also found smiley faces.

Paula Collins
2 min read

I had an interesting evening one night last week. I was with a friend who has the Blackberry Storm and we were comparing phones so I asked him to go to a web-site and see if the Blackberry Storm could play the video. Well, when we reached the web-site we clicked on the video. Then, the Palm Pre, with the circle going round and round on the screen, started opening up the video while the Blackberry Storm was trying to open the video but a box popped up and ask to save the file. A few seconds later the Palm Pre threw up the play/pause bar and next came the video, playing right on the Palm Pre. No saving the file to look for later and then opening it up. The Palm Pre pulled through hands down!!!! A BIG HIGH FIVE TO YOU, PRE.

I remember reading one of the other bloggers messages which express concern about not having smiley faces to insert into text messages and e-mails. Well, they're there now. I was sending a text so I hit the "sym" key to see what it had to offer and down near the bottom were a couple of smiley faces. See the pictures below:

The picture on the right shows the "sym box", as you can well see and the picture on the left shows what the smiley face looks like before (a black and white stick figure smiley face) and after you send the message (a small yellow face w/a smile). Maybe it was there all the time and I didn't know it, but I've found the smiley faces and am really happy about it.