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Audio Technica ATH-A2000X and ATH-A1000X: UK bound '09

Audio Technica's new ATH-A2000X and ATH-A1000X headphones will almost certainly be hitting the UK in the New Year, according to our sources

Audio Technica just gave us some hot info about two high-end models from its new range of headphones: the ATH-A2000X and ATH-A1000X. These two new sets of cans are "highly likely" to hit the UK in the new year, and we have no reason not to be excited.

The top-end model is the A2000X, costing ¥64,000 (roughly £400). It's a 42 Ohm headphone housed in pure titanium and mounted on a magnesium frame. Inside is a 53mm driver (we're not sure what it's constructed from at the moment, but there's probably a neodymium magnet behind it), responding to frequencies between 5Hz-45kHz with a sensitivity of 101dB/mW and a maximum power input of 2,000mW.

Price-wise this sits alongside AT's ATH-W1000s and the ATH-W5000s, both of which we reviewed back in June. But it's likely the metal enclosures will offer different sonic characteristics over the W series, as should the driver of unknown material, too.

The other new pair is, of course, the ATH-A1000X. These are also likely to hit the UK in the new year, costing ¥39,800 Yen (roughly £250). It's another closed-back 42 Ohm headphone, only this time with an aluminium enclosure instead of titanium, alongside the magnesium frame.

Its 53mm driver will respond to frequencies between 5Hz-42kHz, with a sensitivity of 101dB/mW and maximum power input of 2,000mW. These remind us initially if the ATH-A900s, which we found to be highly suitable for certain types of music, but unusually unsuitable for many others. Perhaps these will be the cans to bridge the gaps.

We'll be reviewing this pair in the new year all being well, so keep your viewing spheres firmly on Crave. -Nate Lanxon