At wireless show, services take center stage

Games, graphic ring tones and other services dominate the showroom floor. Also: Yahoo battles Google for the cell phone.

The CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2004 show provides an occasion to talk all things cell phone and wireless.

At wireless conference, silly services rule

reporter's notebook Concerned about coverage? It's a good thing you didn't go to CTIA; people there were busy playing "Swordfish."
October 28, 2004

Yahoo battles Google for the cell phone

Yahoo's new mobile service offers localized search results, maps and icons that let people point, click and make calls.
October 27, 2004

Wireless pioneer reflects on roots, looks to WiMax

Craig McCaw discusses Cingular's acquisition of AT&T Wireless and looks toward his new WiMax venture.
October 27, 2004

Start-up Seven addicted to Java

The company teams up with Sun Microsystems to bring its e-mail application to Java-enabled cell phones.
October 26, 2004

QuickTime won't make quick time to cell phones

Apple's Frank Cassanova will talk about QuickTime's stealth infiltration of cell phone networks, but not about a rumored wireless iPod.
October 26, 2004

Billboard chimes in on ring tones

update The music industry magazine will soon be publishing a list of best-selling ring tones, according to sources.
October 26, 2004

Intel, McCaw team up on WiMax

The chipmaker and Craig McCaw's latest company partner on WiMax, a significant move for the emerging industry.
October 25, 2004

Want a Treo 650? Better Sprint

Carrier has locked up the hot new PalmOne smart phone until some time after the new year.
October 25, 2004

Qualcomm plans to phone it in on cellular repairs

Over-the-air fixes for cell phones come to the company's CDMA technology.
October 25, 2004

PalmOne unveils latest Treo

New top-of-the-line smart phone has a sharper screen, a faster chip and a removable battery.
October 25, 2004

For cell phones, it's TV to the rescue

Cell phone executives say new data-oriented services such as TV will help bolster an industry in a precarious state.
October 25, 2004

RFID cell phones take shape at Nokia

Company is working on phone that uses controversial tagging technology to deliver coupons and product information to handsets.
October 24, 2004

Nokia's Preminet aims to chill Qualcomm's BREW

The "one-stop shop" lets wireless operators sell ring tones, games, picture messaging and other cell phone paraphernalia.
October 24, 2004

Vulnerability hits Java for cell phones

Researcher finds two flaws that, under unusual circumstances, could let a malicious hacker read private data or render a phone unusable.
October 22, 2004