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AT&T's MiFi Liberate LTE is first touch-screen hot spot

AT&T's latest 4G hot spot from Novatel Wireless comes with something new: a touch-sensitive screen.

MiFi Liberate
Meet MiFi Liberate, the first touch-screen hot spot. Click to enlarge.

What would you say to an LTE hot spot that connects up to 10 Wi-Fi devices and comes with a 2.8-inch touch screen?

The MiFi Liberate, made by Novatel Wireless, uses the screen to offer easy access to management menus directly from the device. Icons that smartphone and feature phone users are accustomed to pressing lead you to data usage, connection details, and settings.

The Liberate will offer 11 hours of continuous use on its battery, AT&T says, and comes compatible with networks in more than 200 countries. We don't have any pricing and availability just yet, but sit tight. We'll update you once we learn more.