AT&T's 4G LTE wins award for 'fastest mobile network'

The company's LTE network musters an average of 16.7Mbps download speeds and 7.4Mbps upload speeds in 30 cities around the U.S.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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AT&T has been crowned the leading mobile network provider in a new study from PC Magazine.

The news outlet on Monday posted the results of its mobile network research to determine which company -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon -- had the fastest speeds in the United States. PC Magazine, which analyzed results across 30 cities, found that AT&T had the top 4G LTE network with average download speeds of 16.7 megabits per second and average upload speeds exceeding 7.4 megabits per second.

Although Verizon and AT&T are considered the top contenders in LTE, it was T-Mobile's LTE network that came in second place, logging 12Mbps download speeds and 7Mbps upload speeds.

Verizon was slightly behind with 11.9Mbps download speeds and 6.3Mbps upload speeds. While Sprint's LTE network took last place with 5.6Mbps download speeds and 2.4Mbps upload speeds.

"If you're looking for a fast mobile broadband experience in major and medium-sized cities, AT&T is the best nationwide 4G choice," PC Magazine concluded, adding that Verizon was able to win out when it comes to "reliability and greater rural coverage."

PC Magazine also examined data speeds in different regions across the country. In rural and suburban areas, Verizon was the clear winner. However, in major cities across the country, it was AT&T that took the top spot.

Still, speed is just one piece of the puzzle. Reliability and availability are perhaps equally as important as speed. On that front, Verizon wins out. But in certain locations around the U.S., those who need the fastest speeds will find that AT&T delivers.