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AT&T undercuts Verizon, T-Mobile with new unlimited plan

The plan, however, only gives you standard-definition video and no mobile hotspot. There's a pricier version that bundles DirecTV Now or DirecTV at a discount.

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AT&T just fired the latest salvo in the unlimited data wars.

The Dallas telecommunications giant unveiled two new unlimited data plans. The first is Unlimited Choice, a stripped-down plan that comes with unlimited data at a maximum speed of 3 megabits per second, standard definition, and no mobile hotspot.

At $60, it's lower than T-Mobile's $70 plan (which does away with taxes and fees) and Verizon's $80 option. Both plans, however, offer you full high-definition video and 10 gigabytes of mobile hotspot access. Sprint still offers the cheapest option at $50 a month, although prices rise by $10 after a year.

AT&T continues to push its video aspirations with higher end option called Unlimited Plus that includes HD video and 10GB of mobile hotspot access. The plan costs $90 a month, but gives you the option to add DirecTV Now streaming video service for $10 and DirecTV home satellite TV service for $25 a month.

The new plans underscore the continuing shift in how carriers are trying to win your business. AT&T had long offered an unlimited data plan when you sign up with DirecTV. But after Verizon launched its unlimited plan and T-Mobile countered by adding perks to its own unlimited options, AT&T couldn't ignore the trend. The constant back-and-forth between the carriers has meant better prices and options for consumers.

AT&T's option to include access to DirecTV and DirecTV Now is part of its broader strategy to get customers thinking of it as more than just a phone company. It's in the process of buying Time Warner -- home to "Game of Thrones" and Superman -- to get even deeper into the content business.

AT&T's Unlimited Plus line costs $185 for four lines, while Unlimited Choice costs $155 for four lines. The price only works if you sign up for autopay and pay online.

As with the other carrier plans, AT&T's unlimited plans isn't truly unlimited. After 22 gigabytes of data, AT&T has a right to slow your connection. Learn more about the carrier unlimited plans here.