AT&T to get Sony S2 tablet

AT&T will be the exclusive mobile broadband provider for the Sony S2 tablet.

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The Sony S2 definitely looks slick. ZDNET

It looks like Sony's partnership with AT&T will go beyond the PSP Vita.

On Wednesday AT&T announced that it will be the exclusive broadband provider for the Sony S2 tablet.

Sony Electronics' Senior Vice President of Networked Technology and Services Division Mike Lucas said, "AT&T provides the speed and coverage that are integral to the different features and functions of our tablet. We value our relationship as they share our commitment to growing the 'Sony Tablet' S2 and the tablet market overall."

According to AT&T, the Sony S2 will, in addition to its Wi-Fi capabilities, be 4G capable as well. That's 4G delivered by HSPA+, not LTE, the latter of which is widely known to be faster.

No word yet on data plan prices, but AT&T says that both distribution plans and pricing will be announced at the S2's launch.

The Sony S2 is one of two new Android-based tablets coming from Sony later this year. The S2 has a unique dual-screen interface and a smaller-than-usual design. The larger S1 sports a slate-style design.

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