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AT&T now out of current iPhone stock, ready for 3G model

AT&T now out of current iPhone stock, ready for 3G model

Lending further credence to speculation that Apple will introduce a new iPhone model on Monday, June 9th, AT&T is now out of stock of the current-generation iPhone. Apple's online store and most of its retail outlets have been without iPhone stock for several weeks. With iPhones now available neither from Apple nor its only US wireless partner, inventory is almost certainly being cleared for the introduction of a new model.

Aggressive demand for unlocked units and a dearth of official, in-store stock ahead of a new model's expected introduction in the coming weeks have driven iPhone prices on eBay sky-high. Some 16GB unlocked listings are currently carrying "Buy-it-now" (non-bidding) prices in excess of $700 ? a $200 premium over brand-new models purchased from Apple or AT&T and a $350 premium over AT&T?s refurbished-model prices. Bidding on similar 16GB models runs between $600 and $650.

Apple?s Worldwide Developer Conference, where Apple is expected to detail a new iPhone, will take place from June 9 - 13 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. This will be the first WWDC to offer an iPhone development track built around the recently released iPhone SDK (software development kit).