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AT&T ends its Luke Wilson ad campaign

AT&T to finally end its Luke Wilson ad campaign.

When Verizon released its anti-AT&T "There's a Map for That" campaign, AT&T came out swinging with a slew of ads featuring actor Luke Wilson to respond to Verizon's claims. The back-and-forth ad war has finally come to an end, however, at least from AT&T.

AT&T to end its Luke Wilson ad campaign.
AT&T to end its Luke Wilson ad campaign.

The network says it plans to launch a new "Rethink Possible" campaign that will emphasize its strengths rather than the weaknesses of its main competitor, Verizon. The new campaign will center around simultaneous voice and data calls, plus its U-Verse television service, which means it's trying to move the company's image beyond that of just a phone carrier.

I'll admit I never liked the Luke Wilson ads--they seem over-the-top smarmy--so maybe this is the right direction to take. Verizon has made no mention that it will end its own assault against AT&T, however.

The Associated Press says both carriers have spent millions of dollars on their respective campaigns, with no clear winner emerging.