AT&T debuts iPhone-compatible plan for hearing impaired

AT&T debuts iPhone-compatible plan for hearing impaired

Ben Wilson

AT&T introduced a new Text Accessibility Plan (TAP) for the iPhone today developed with the help of representatives from the hearing and speech impaired community. The plan was developed for people who are deaf, hearing impaired or have another speech or hearing loss disability.

The cost of the iPhone only TAP is $40.00 per month. TAP includes: unlimited SMS messages, unlimited data usage (email and web) and Visual VoiceMail (which would have limited use for the hearing impaired). Voice calling is available at $.40 per minute on a pay-per-use basis. So phone calls can be placed in an emergency if needed.

Customers need to qualify for TAP by submitting an application to the program.

The iPhone must be activated using the usual means of activation with iTunes. Once the iPhone is activated the customer can call the AT&T National Center for Customers with Disabilities to learn more about the iPhone TAP program. See the this site for more information.