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AT&T adds more LTE markets, but still struggles to catch Verizon

AT&T now offers its 4G LTE service in 47 markets. Even though it's making progress, the company still lags behind Verizon Wireless's 304-plus markets.

AT&T has expanded its 4G LTE wireless service to six more markets, the company said in a note to reporters. The company now offers the service in 47 markets around the U.S.

CNET/Marguerite Reardon

On Monday, AT&T announced it has added 4G LTE service in Buffalo, N.Y.; Burlington, Vt.; Corpus Christi, Tex.; Gainesville, Ga.; Greensboro-Winston Salem, N.C. and Wichita, Kan.

While AT&T is making progress toward blanketing its customers with 4G LTE service, the company still lags far behind rival Verizon Wireless. Verizon, which began its 4G LTE deployment at the end of 2010, now covers more than 304 markets with LTE. Big Red expects to cover 400 markets by the end of 2012.

AT&T hasn't said how many markets it plans to cover by the end of this year. But the company has said it expects to complete the build-out of its 4G LTE network by the end of 2013.

The company has been adding several new devices to its line-up that will take advantage of the faster speeds. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 recently hit store shelves and is LTE-enabled.

Meanwhile, Sprint Nextel, a smaller and arguably less threatening competitor, is expected to launch its first 4G LTE markets this month.

AT&T also announced Monday that it will be adding new features to its prepaid GoPhone plan. The company said that it has added unlimited texting to Canada, Mexico and 100 other countries to its $25 per month GoPhone prepaid rate plan, a feature previously only available on the $50 per month or $2 per day plans.