Associated Press to offer iPhone-savvy news service

Associated Press to offer iPhone-savvy news service

Ben Wilson

The Associated Press has debuted a new offering dubbed the "Mobile News Network," which will amalgamate the company's own news coverage with that of local newspapers, then deliver the content on customized pages designed specifically for the iPhone.

A press release states:

"The Mobile News Network will provide a national platform for smart phone users to access local content from brands they trust. Members can participate by providing local news that will appear alongside their logos. Importantly, the network also offers a new outlet for members to sell local advertising to the mobile audience

"AP is working with mobile phone manufacturers and carriers to develop the best user interface for this comprehensive collection of news stories, photos and video from the news industry. The network will be optimized for the richest multimedia experience the new wireless devices will allow. For AP television and radio members, work continues on the technical plan for video and audio participation in the Digital Cooperative program."

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