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Archos launches 30GB version of 405 PMP

Archos has announced the launch of a 30GB version of its 405 PMP. This will add a whole load of life to the cute little portable DVR

While Archos doesn't have as many fanatical obsessives who demand to know what colour toilet paper their beloved CEO was using that day as Apple has, its smaller group of fans are no less devoted. It's no surprise then that Archos' announcement of a 30GB version of the 405 PMP was a little drowned out by the hordes of Apple lunatics crying, "16GB in an iPhone!? That's amazing! Oh Apple, how do you do it? Please make love to us! All of us! What a fantastic day to be alive!"

30GB is an admirable figure in a device like the Archos 405, though why the French manufacturer still hasn't realised that charging customers for fundamentally important plugins is utterly backward is beyond us -- H.264 and MPEG-2 codecs still cost in excess of a tenner each.

But the 405 remains a very good little player and having a portable DVR in your pocket is no bad thing for you telly addicts. Check out our review of the 2GB original if you're not that familiar with this little guy.

The 30GB model will be available at the end of February for €200 (£150). -Nate Lanxon