AppTapp goes open source, merges with PXL

AppTapp goes open source, merges with PXL

Ben Wilson

Nullriver Software, the creators of AppTapp/Installer.app -- a package that makes installing third-party native applications on the iPhone a breeze (per our guide) -- has announced that it is merging AppTapp with the PXL Package System and making the whole shebang open-source. Essentially this means that there will be one primary package management system for the iPhone.

A notice from the company reads:

"This new solution will be based on the current AppTapp Installer, with improvements as suggested by the PXL developers and Nullriver.

"The core of the AppTapp Installer will become a Framework (or library) and will be open sourced. This means that other applications will be able to interface with the AppTapp library in order to manage packages and their metadata. Further, this will ensure that iPhones everywhere will remain in good integrity and that packages will not conflict with one-another because of the inconvenience of having to deal with two or more package management systems.

"The new AppTap Installer will be replacing both current package management solutions with a superior and very flexible feature set. Documentation for the formats, repositories and associated code will be available on the official AppTapp homepage."

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