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Apple's smartphone share in China plunges

The iPhone's share of the Chinese market has dropped by almost half, while Lenovo has seen its share rise. Is China still a tough nut for Apple to crack?

iPhone 4S

Apple's share of China's smartphone market dropped by almost half to 10 percent in the second quarter from the previous one, research firm IDC told Reuters today.

The numbers suggest the company's customers are either waiting for the next iPhone, expected in September, or have jumped ship entirely in favor of rival smartphones.

The shift puts Apple in the No. 4 smartphone slot in China. Apple was No. 2 in the first quarter.

Samsung kept the lead in Q2 with 19 percent share. No. 1 Samsung was followed by Lenovo rose to No. 2 with 11 percent share and was the main reason for Apple's drop. ZTE was No. 3, and Huawei was No. 5

IDC said smartphone shipments in China totaled 44 million devices in the second quarter, pegging around 51 percent of the country's overall 87 million mobile shipments.

This story originally posted on ZDNet.