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Apple's Black Friday deals are all about the gift cards

Apple is getting in on the Black Friday deals by offering gift cards when you buy an iPhone, iPad, Watch or Mac.

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Andrew Lanxon headshot
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Andrew Lanxon
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No, you can't get an iPhone 7 for half price on Black Friday , but Apple is sweetening the deal a little with gift cards when you buy an iPhone , Mac, Watch or iPad .

Buy a SIM-free 32GB iPhone 6S Plus for £599, $649 or AU$1,079 and you'll receive a £40, $50 or AU$70 Apple Store gift card in return. Maybe you can put it towards a nice case for your new phone. Buying the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus won't snag you a gift card.

Fancy a new Mac? The super-skinny 256GB MacBook (£1,249, $1,299 or AU$1,999) will see you furnished with a £120, $150 or AU$200 gift card.

Or for those of you after something to wear, the first-generation Apple Sport Watch (£269, $269 or AU$399) comes with a £20, $25 or AU$35 gift card.

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