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Apple's AirPods Max headphones are $100 off at Amazon and Best Buy

You can pick up Apple's high-end noise-canceling headphones for $449 -- their lowest price to date.

The AirPods Max come in several colors.

David Carnoy/CNET

Apple's AirPods Max have sporadically been on sale, hitting $450 last month and $449 last week at Adorama. Now Amazon and Best Buy have matched that $449 price in all color options.

The biggest complaint about the AirPods Max has been their high price -- they list for $549 -- but I thought they were pretty stellar, with excellent sound and noise canceling. Some people may find them a little weighty, but others are surprised by how comfortable they are for heavy headphones. Like other AirPods, they're geared toward Apple users and while they're Bluetooth headphones that can connect to any Bluetooth audio device, they have some unique features, such as spatial audio for movies and TV, that only work with Apple devices. Read my AirPods Max review here.

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Adorama also has some other Apple products on sale through Oct. 11 that are worth checking out, though this one stands out a little more.

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