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Applecore keeps your headphones tangle-free

For a mere two bucks, this colorful plastic spool gives your earbud cord a place to wrap up quickly and neatly. Nice little dad or grad gift!

The Applecore offers a "core" around which you can wind your earbud cable.
The Applecore offers a "core" around which you can wind your earbud cable.
Applecore International

Tired of tangled earbud cords? Hey, you're preaching to the choir. I won't say they're the bane of my existence, but there's definitely some bane there.

A company called Applecore International--no relation to you-know-who--has a solution: the aptly named Applecore Small. Shaped like a tiny, well, apple core and available in six bright colors, this little plastic spool is designed especially for earbud cords.

Just wind it around the core, then slip the ends into the slits on either side. Presto: the cords stay neatly wrapped, with little chance of them coming unwound while riding around in your pocket, purse, carry-on bag, or whatever.

The company also makes medium and large versions of the Applecore, which are designed for things like sync cables and AC cords, respectively. I find the prices for all three to be pretty reasonable: $1.99, $2.99, and $4.99. (Alas, shipping costs around $4, so if you're buying just one small, you can't get out the door for under 6 bucks).

Cute and practical as the Applecores are, they're hardly an innovation. The similarly cute Fishbone Cord Wrap has been around for as long as I can remember; you can pick them up dirt-cheap on Amazon and elsewhere. And there are any number of DIY ways to wrap headphone cords.

Still, I like the Applecore's look, design, and price. It's an inexpensive and effective solution to a vexing problem. If you have a better one, share it in the comments!