Apple showcases user photos in iPhone ad campaign

iPhone 6 photography is the focus of a billboard and Web site campaign promoting the smartphone's picture-taking capabilities.

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Lance Whitney
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Apple is touting the camera capabilities of its iPhone 6. Apple

Apple is promoting the iPhone 6 as the only device you need to snap a great photo.

A new ad campaign called "Shot on iPhone 6," playing out on billboards and Apple's own website, features a series of photographs taken by users with Apple's latest iPhone, as reported by news site Buzzfeed on Sunday. Many of the photos were shot simply using the iPhone's built-in camera app, while others were snapped or edited using other iPhone apps. Apple discovered the photos by browsing websites for photos that were tagged with the iPhone 6 as the camera.

The iPhone's rear camera lacks one key feature found on rival smartphones. Its 8 megapixel resolution pales in comparison to the 40 megapixels found on certain Lumia smartphones or even the 16 megapixels on Samsung's Galaxy S5 and S6. But a camera is more than just the number of megapixels. For the iPhone 6, Apple beefed up the camera's autofocus and low-light shooting capabilities.

People are increasingly eschewing dedicated digital cameras in favor of their smartphones to snap everyday pictures. And Apple's gallery shows just what can be achieved by a smartphone camera and a little creativity.

"I have the 6 Plus, and the photos rival some of my pictures from my DSLR," one user whose photo earned a billboard told Buzzfeed.

Scrolling down Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" gallery page unveils a variety of stunning photos, from a desert landscape to water droplets to a path in a forest to a reindeer displaying its mighty antlers. As good as the iPhone 6 camera may be, sometimes you do need that extra bit of editing to transform a good picture into a great one. That's why the gallery page also points you to the App Store where you can find a collection of free and paid photo editing apps designed to give your picture that special touch.