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Apple slashes iPod shuffle price, adds 2GB version

Apple has added a 2GB version of the iPod shuffle and has slashed the price of the 1GB model to a meagre £32

If a 32GB iPod touch and a 16GB iPhone wasn't enough for you, Apple has a little treat in store. It has announced a price slash for the iPod shuffle -- it's now available for a measly £32. That's less than a new copy of The Orange Box (yes, we're still hooked on Portal). But that's not all -- also announced was a 2GB version that comes with an RRP of £45. Any takers?

While the £32 is certainly stonking value for the 1GB version, £45 is a little meagre when compared to Creative's Zen Stone Plus -- a 2GB shuffle-esque player that's been out a while and was released with the obvious intention of dethroning Apple's tiny player, but did it by adding a small screen, an FM radio and better sound quality.

So which do you plump for? 2GB shuffle? 2GB Zen Stone Plus? The Orange Box for Xbox 360? Feel free to tell us in our forums. -Nate Lanxon