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Apple says Mail app security flaw doesn't pose an 'immediate risk' to iPhones

The potential issues will be patched in an upcoming software update, Apple said.

The default Mail app on your iPhone may be vulnerable to email hacks.
Angela Lang/CNET

Apple says flaws uncovered in the default Mail app for its iPhones don't pose an immediate threat. The iPhone maker's statement comes after reports earlier this week said the Mail app may be vulnerable to sophisticated email hacks

"The researcher identified three issues in Mail, but alone, they are insufficient to bypass iPhone and iPad security protections, and we have found no evidence they were used against customers," said an Apple spokesperson on Thursday, adding that "these potential issues will be addressed in a software update soon."

The previously unknown vulnerabilities, which were detected by cybersecurity firm ZecOps, reportedly let hackers install malicious software on an iPhone by sending a specially crafted email. In some versions of iOS, the iPhone's operating system, the hack can be triggered when the malicious email is downloaded by the Mail app without further action from the recipient, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

In a report published Monday, ZecOps said the vulnerability has existed since at least iOS 6. The firm said it believes the exploit is being used in the wild in targeted attacks.

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