Apple retail preps for July 11 iPhone 3G rollout

Apple retail preps for July 11 iPhone 3G rollout

Ben Wilson

Apple stores throughout the United States are preparing this week for the iPhone 3G. Sources report that employees will receive training regarding the iPhone 3G beginning Tuesday and running through Thursday. In addition, all Apple retail stores will shut down their reservation queues on July 11. Customers will not be able to make reservations for the following programs: One to One, Personal Shopping, Workshops, Genius Bar, Youth Programs or Business. Reservations will be available again on July 12, 2008, but it is recommended that customers wait until the following week due to anticipated demand for the iPhone 3G.

Final details of the iPhone 3G sales event are to be hammered out on a conference call with Apple retail managers that will take place Monday, July 7th. Although AT&T has announced that they will be selling the iPhone 3G beginning at 8 a.m. local time Apple has yet to announce their own time of sale Calls to Apple PR go unanswered regarding this issue at press time.

Traditionally, Apple retail management receives details about new product releases on the Monday prior to said item's release. Shortly after that, merchandise, signage, etc. begins to appear in the stores for deployment.

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